Metal Monday: White Zombie

(Sorry, I was eating a sandwich while I took these.)
Today's Metal Monday: White Zombie. This t-shirt came into my possession at a White Zombie show that I went to in 1996, when they were touring with Pantera and Deftones. Back when they were White Zombie – not Rob Zombie – in the days of yellow/green-haired bass player Sean Yseult. Who I loved. (Did you know that both Rob and Sean went to Parsons? Anyway.)
It was possibly one of the most memorable shows I ever went to, because it was one of the roughest. I rode along to the 5 Seasons Center in Cedar Rapids with some boys from high school, got separated from them when we got into the Pantera pit, and then got kicked in the head and mouth by a pair of huge stage diving Doc Martens. After that, a big guy in the pit half-carried/drug me out to the perimeter of safety and said "Dude, be careful." And then I found my friends.
I am excited to see Rob Zombie (again ... this might be the fourth or fifth time) next weekend. Maybe I'll wear this shirt. :)


  1. Definitely in my top 5 favorite concerts! Rob Zombie at Val Air was sick, way better than the first time I saw him.

  2. HAHAHAHA! "I was eating a sandwich" I read that right as I thought "what is she doing?" oh man that made me giggle

  3. i almost died in a zombie pit too! st. louis, 1999

  4. yay for metal monday!! and yay for sandwiches!!

    ha. too good.

  5. Loved White Zomebie, but even more, I loved Pantera. I had a GIGANTIC crush on Phil Anselmo for years, I think I saw Pantera at least 15 times.
    this is totally making me nostalgic.
    I love it.

  6. doc martens and faces don't mix...that sandwich looks good though...

  7. You made Ali's blog today =) You might be my new hero.
    ROCK ON.


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