Metal Monday: Plant and Page

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. So I'm realizing now that Metal Monday might not always be 100% metal, but whatever. Thanks to my cool dad, I grew up on Led Zeppelin. They absolutely deserve a spot in my list. Plant and Page was one of the first shows that I was allowed to go to, and I love this shirt because it has their childhood photos on it. I drove to Minneapolis to see Plant and Page on their reunion tour with my high school friends Mark, Wolf, Nick, Blair, Don and Lippy in 1994 or 1995 (and I'm not sure if I'm remembering everyone who went with us, but I think that was it.) At least two of these boys had to meet with my dad to promise him that I'd be looked after and returned home safely. We may have been young, but we knew that we were witnessing legends play right before our very eyes. We knew every word and it was a very special and memorable show for all of us. This show started it all for me and I fell in love with seeing bands play live and feeling that music come straight from the source. It was magic.

(On a very sad note, I just heard that Slipknot bassist Paul Grey was found dead today. Talented, young, and about to be a dad this year. Gone too soon. RIP Paul.)


  1. Ooooo I am soooo envious of you right now. I love Led Zeplin! I had pretty cool parents that also supported my love for amazing music. My dad saw tons of fabulous concerts in his days one being the Doors!

  2. omg, I would have loved to have been there!


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