getting ready for Market Day

YAY ... so stoked for the first Market Day of the summer. Tomorrow, from 9 – 2! New location this time around, so be sure to check that info carefully. (But it's going to be awesome to be so very close to the downtown Farmers Market.)
Preparations are in full-swing around here. (Which means lots of late nights that don't exactly mix with my early morning running schedule, but that's okay.)
I've got a good pile of hand-knit scarf/necklaces ready to go, amongst some other random crafty things that I don't have pics of yet.
Market Day is always such a fun time and the weather is going to be beautiful, so I hope you'll stop out to see us while you're downtown hitting the Farmers Market. Me and my pal Erin will be there, along with tons of other local vendors with lots of handmade and vintage goodies. See you there!


  1. Cute! Nice way to wear knitting in the summer. Excited to see you tomorrow!

  2. that's so rad, god I miss Craft markets like that.
    and you.

  3. You must be insanely patient. If I had to knit that much i-cord, I might strangle myself with it. : P

  4. Those are SUPER nice! Good luck!

  5. Looks so fun! Have a great time!

    (by the way, Happy Birthday!!! I always forgot to tell you. :) )


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