downtown with my Erin

This is my friend, Erin. We like the same foods and order the same thing when we go to a restaurant. She's my partner in craft and the person I call (okay ... text or email) when I want to go see a show. We're both moms, so we try to make time to hang out once in awhile after the kids go to bed so we can catch up on life.
She totally gets me and I feel pretty lucky to have a friend like her. (Here are a few pics from our adventures downtown last weekend...)
I think we managed to hit the High Life Lounge, El Bait Shop, Hessen Haus (for a millisecond,) the Royal Mile/Vaudeville Mews patio, and then the perfect end to any night – Fong's Pizza. (But the best part of all was the girl time.)


  1. EEK! I forgot about Fong's Pizza!!! So yummy!

    You are so blessed to have such a friend!

  2. love having friends like that!


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