are ... you ... ready!?!?!

Last night, Bo and I went to see Korn.
If you've read here for awhile, you know that these are our date nights. ;)
This show kicks off a super metal-tastic weekend for me, since tomorrow I'm going to Lazerfest to see Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper and a bunch of other bands. Woohoo, I feel like I'm in high school!
Korn put on a great show, and everyone sounded as gnarly as ever. They're so animated and crazy and exciting to see live.
The last time I saw them was twelve – twelve – years ago during the Family Values Tour in '98, which was such a memorable show. (With Rammstein, Limp Bizkit, Ice Cube and the rest!!!)
Favorite part of the night: the bagpipes for the encore. It just makes your heart beat fast. Back in my glory days, I would have absolutely busted into that pit. Now I'm just grossed out by the sweaty shirtless dudes and I can't bring myself to do it. Plus it was 90 degrees inside Val Air.But in retrospect, I might as well have gotten all crazy at the show because today I flipped my bike on an innocent ride to get some coffee and scraped up my chin. Nice, huh? It was quite the spectacle, since chins tend to bleed a lot and there was blood all over my bike, coat, shoes and the pavement. A nice lady gave me a gardening glove to stop the bleeding for the walk home and the governor's security guys (he lives on our street) started running over to help. Just a little bit embarrassing. But whatever. Happy metal weekend!


  1. you're the coolest person i know! i would've died to go with you! but that sucks about your chin. :(


  2. i have that whole guitar riff in my head after the are you readdddddyyyyy..
    i last saw them on the FV tour too....which was amazing and when Jonathan came up on this big pedestal out of the stage on his bagpipes I had goosebumps.

    sorry about your chin!

  3. Hope your chin is better... My music taste is a bit different from yours (to say the least - I'm more of an old "hippie-folk-neil-young-leonard-cohen-type-o-girl) but I love the photos!

  4. !!!!! we love rock too!!! we just went to edgefest in little rock, arkansas. tons of cool bands- rob zombie was there with his skinny little self! seether, rob zombie, lacuna coil, papa roach, godsmack, hell yeah, drowning pool, shamans harvest!! AWESOME!

  5. ouch! That sounds awfully painful...
    that date night sounds awesome! I miss those things...Dave just bought us Cranberries tix for in Septmeber down here in Mek-i-ko..I need to look up if anyone is coming to SF this summer when I'm there.
    Are you going to Chicago btw? Patty emailed me about it. We're thinking of going now..

  6. I hate how freaking hot it gets in Val Air. I have almost passed out before from that heat!! Your weekend was so rad and I hope your chinny chin chin is all better!


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