a week in the life: my plan

A Week in the Life! So now that it's already Tuesday and I'm looking back at last week (and going through all of those pics I took ... ) I'm starting to figure out my plan of attack.
Because it would be a shame after all that diligent daily photo taking to just let all of those files stay hidden in folders on my computer. (How sad!)
It would also be a shame to let my little gray binder and journaling cards sit empty. And I know myself. If I don't tackle – and finish – this project this week, I may never get back to it. Ali's post today inspired me to keep going.
So today, I'm going to pick out the best of the best photos from each day and upload them to Snapfish. When I want photos in a hurry, I personally choose Snapfish mainly because I can choose one-hour pick-up at Walgreens, which is just easy for me. I might still print a few at home on my printer, too.
My binder is 7.5 x 9" so I'm going to get 5 x 7's of my most favorite photos. And of course some 4 x 6's and then I almost always choose several photos to shrink down and lay out four or six up on a sheet; and I see that Ali is doing this, too. (I always leave lots of white space around the edges so I can cut things up or write on the bottom white edge of a photo.)
So that's the plan for today! I'll probably pick out some papers to use but I'm pretty spontaneous when it comes to projects like this, so I see myself just jumping in and grabbing things as I go.
Are you brainstorming this week about how you're going to put everything together? What's your plan?
* Want to see my Week in the Life set on Flickr? The whole thing? Here it is. :)


  1. I usually have a plan for what I'm going to do when I get home from work, but then once I'm home... I plop down on the couch and my brain slides out my ears. I think it's the hour long commute that's doing me in :P

    Hope you're better at sticking to plans than me, haha!

  2. love your plan. it inspired me to create my plan. xo

  3. love those little binders, always meant to use them for scrapbooks but never have. did you know you can get letter-half sized avery page protectors that fit perfectly? use them to hold my small rub-ons. might be good for adding your pages without hole punches in them

  4. dude - brilliant! I'll have to look for some.

  5. love all your pictures!!! Especially the one of you and Lo in the kitchen! Wish I was there with you!
    this project has been kickin' my butt. I always felt like I was carrying my camera with me, but the last few days I feel like I have a third arm or something.

  6. I used this same album but in green for my Christmas one, I love the size. And it fills up quick!

    Love your flickr set, I wish I did it too but it was a crazy week... Maybe soon! :)

  7. You are the ball:) Love it!!!! I need to get my behind more organized:) I am inspired!!!

  8. Jen. I want to be like you when I'm a mom. Seriously. You are the coolest. Well, you and Rachel are. :)

  9. Hi,
    Just a follower stopping by to say:

    You should post your finished project to the challenge blog Category Stories for a chance to win 20$ scrapsupply gift certificate.

    Why not double-dip? (Unless it's in the salsa bowl, then double dipping is gross).


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