get gnarly

Dare 161 is up, and this week we have a guest! The one and only Jeremy Kroes. He chose skateboard graphics (and more specifically, this rad photo by Tina) as his inspo and Dare topic. And this made me incredibly happy, because I take lots of skateboarding photos around here. And it gave me the perfect excuse to use black spray paint and neon green washi tape.
Bo's current board was my source for this Dare. This is a brand new one and the graphics haven't even been all scraped up yet.
(Did you know that my husband is a skater? If you didn't know, he's kind of awesome at it.)
He's pretty amazing at every sport he tries, but he's been skateboarding and snowboarding since he was a kid and one of my favorite things to do is watch him shred at the skate parks.
What's even cooler is that he's been showing Lo how to ride ever since she could stand.
And she honestly loves it.
Gnarly ... yes?
Happy Wednesday to you ... so stoked you stopped by. :)


  1. Lo skating is the raddest thing ever!

  2. lo's totally a little skater girl! love it.

  3. I knew you'd kill this dare.

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  5. Holy CUTE!!! Those photos are so adorable and your layout ROCKS!

  6. this dare was made for yooouu! rad x 100. love your LO as per usual.

    thanks for having me!

  7. Oh my gosh - how cute is that?? he he. :) Your lil skateboarder is the cutest, and that page rocks!!

  8. awww...look at little Lo and Bo, awesome pics and LO!


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