earth day! urban gardening and recycled yarn.

Even though we have enough yard space to hold a regular-sized garden, we've sort of tried and failed at actually doing a good job of maintaining one in the past. (I know ... that is awfully sad.)
So this year, we've opted to do a bit of urban gardening in pots and planters.
It was so fun ... and fast!
We planted strawberries, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, green beans and carrots.
And a raspberry bush (which will obviously go into the ground, not a planter.) We've planted one before, but I think it was either accidentally dug up or mowed over, since it starts off looking like a stick. I have higher hopes for this one.
Tomorrow we'll spruce up a few pots and spaces in our yard with some dark pink and yellow annuals that Lo helped pick out.
She's quite the helper in all areas of gardening. Mostly the digging – I had to keep an eye on her to stop her from digging up newly planted seeds – and she's also really good at the watering.
We are pretty happy with our little container garden and I hope it survives all of the rabbits and birds we have in our yard. We have a raised mini-wall/bench of concrete blocks on our back porch that will serve as a raised home for these plants for now.
Another little project that I wanted to try this week was making recycled fabric scrap yarn. I know people have done this to make rag rugs, but I plan on knitting with this. I had seen recycled yarn several times on Etsy and in books and I'm sure that there are many ways to do this, but I just did it the fast and easy way.
I found a few fabric scraps and random fat quarters and made small cuts along one edge about 1/4 apart.
And then ripped the fabric into lots of strips.
Again, it was wonderful to have a little bit of help. :)
I tied the strips end to end with an overhand knot and wound my new scrap yarn into a ball.
The end result is so cute. I really want to try this with a t-shirt next, because I think that a recycled knit jersey scarf would be just the thing. Totally my kind of accessory.
Happy Earth Day to you!

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  1. you live one pretty sweet life lady. i cannot wait till it's flip flop season in these parts. sigh. i wasn't going to partake in this but you've inspired me dammit.


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