cash rules everything around me...

Dare 160 is up ... If money were no object. Such a fun dreamy topic to roll around in your brain. I decided that my world would include a Dwell-ish house right on the ocean, lots of international travel, and wearing expensive dresses. And above all, spontaneity would rule. The whole time I was making this, I had Wu Tang's 'Cash Rules Everything Around Me' running through my head. I'm singing it right now; it's still pretty much the coolest beat ever recorded.
I ended up having way too many scraps and photos and things that I wanted to include and there was no way they were going to fit on one page, so I ended up stapling them together. And throwing some washi tape binding over the edge.
Then I just attached my little stapled booklet to the back of the page. Perfect way to keep all of those pretty things in a nice safe place for future drooling. Mostly over the expensive dresses, which are perfect for frolicking around my imaginary cash-free beach-living universe. Dolla dolla bill, ya'll.


  1. If I had all the $$$ in the world, first I'd make it rain, then I'd buy me some thighs like that girl in the pic.

    Woot, woot!

  2. What a dare:) I need to do some dares. Loved seeing yours so fun!!! loved stephanies comment. Ah so true.

  3. okay, i love these so much! check out my new little gadgets- i think you'll seriously dig the pivi photo printer! xo


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