Yo Gabba Gabba Live ... in Minneapolis!

Oh yes, we did! We just had to go to Yo Gabba Gabba Live. You've seen me blog about this show since 2007. You've seen our devotion through Halloween costumes and birthday parties. You're heard me gush about the stellar musical guests. We've been such huge fans since the very first episodes aired. There was no way we could miss this.

So our little fam drove our hybrid up to Minneapolis, a city I always love to visit. (I used to live there in college, and miss the heck out of the shopping+things to do there.)

But first, a pit-stop at a little piece of Scandinavian heaven.

Grabbed a quick bite at IKEA's yummy cafeteria, and shopped the afternoon away.

And then it was time to head downtown for dinner and the show.

I spent so many of my very first high school concert-going experiences at this spot – lovely First Avenue. The Target Center, too ... right across the street.

We hit the Hard Rock for a quick family-friendly dinner.

Lo was beyond excited to finally get to the show and I'm sure she only ate a couple of french fries.

Bo drew her some 'tattoos' just for the occasion.

And then, it was finally time.

And seriously you guys, the show was so good that it made my heart melt. I looked over at Lotus and saw how cool it was for her and honestly got a little bit teary-eyed! DJ Lance Rock did such a good job, the costumed characters were so much fun to watch, the music was right-on, and we got to see Biz Markie and the Aquabats perform live. It was an amazing show and really well-done. (If this party is coming to your city, you must go!)


  1. I bet Lo had a blast! Looks like you and Bo sure did!

  2. I love Yo Gabba Gabba!!! I've been watching it with my niece for a while. She loves it! And Brobie is her favorite! I love that pick Brobie hat! Where did you find it??

  3. love the tattoos on the hands...too cute!

  4. awww, how awesome!!! looks like fun! love her daddy made tattoos! :)


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