pretty things

Darn you, Liberty of London. (I know; all of blogland is talking about it.) We couldn't resist a couple of things.

These journal sets were irresistable. I love tiny treasures. Paper-related tiny treasures. There's still more of this line that I haven't seen because I haven't had the chance to stalk all of our local Target stores yet. The one I went to was all sold out of the bags and scarves and hats. And I didn't scope out the home decor yet ... next trip. (Although maybe I shouldn't even look. I was trying hard to be good.) ;)


  1. lol so hard to resist. I have an obsession with notebooks, journals,and pens. However I hoarde them and dont want to use them!

  2. Oh goodness Jen I went crazy on this stuff too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful. Just beautiful. I do love your sweet pic of you and lo!!!!!!


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