our most excellent adventure at Stella's

This week, our little fam made a spontaneous stop into Stella's Blue Sky Diner for some ice cream. Isn't it kind of funny how we all have these local favorite hangouts, but since they're so accessible, they don't always get photographed?
Stella's is such a fun little place to visit, with mis-matched retro kitchen table and chair sets and glittery booths.
With jukeboxes at every table.
And vintage lamps in all shapes and sizes and colors.
The talented wait staff pours malts and shakes from great heights, right into the malt glass on your head. They'll even stand on the counter and pour them into your mouth if you lay on the floor. And they don't miss. (I think if they do, it's free.)
They serve rocket burgers and neutron fries; cheese frenchies and meatloaf. But their ice cream sundaes and malts are really the main attraction.
They're huge and made just right. No soft serve ... just old fashioned real ice cream and heaps of whipped cream.
It's the kind of place that just makes you smile. I hope it's the kind of place that will stick around for a long, long time.

Happy Friday. :)


  1. OMG Lo is huge!!! and beautiful!!!
    yumm...you have me craving their homemade pickles, must go there this weekend!

  2. hi Sharon - it's in Urbandale, a suburb of Des Moines, IA

  3. yay, Stella's! I had my 5th grade birthday party at the downtown Stella's (not sure if it's still there?) and all the kids dressed up in 50's clothes. Great memory, thanks for the fun photos!

  4. that is awesome!! Love thise old retro places!


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