on the sticks

At the very beginning of winter, I lost my most favorite Burton warm winter hat. I was so mad. It was so good. A tiny bit too big so it always covered my ears. And I kept holding out, thinking I'd find it. And never did. So this knitter went hat-less through one of the most record-breaking, snowiest winters Iowa has ever seen.

So, over the weekend, I finally broke down and knitted a new hat.

A replacement hat.

(But it's okay. Because this one is even better than the other hat.)

It was instant gratification knitting. Two episodes of Weeds (season 5) and it was finished. The pattern I used is Really Warm Hat by Melissa LeBarre and I knit it with a skein of Twinkle soft chunky in haze, and ... wow. I love this yarn so much.

Now that it's done, I'm certain that one of two things will happen. 1) spring will finally come and it will be too warm to wear my new hat. 2) I'll find the other stupid hat that I lost in the first place. It might be buried under the snow in our yard. Because it's possible that I just took it off and left it outside that one time we were pulling Lo around in the sled ...


  1. I LOVE all your knitting projects.
    I still want one of your mufflers!
    : )

    And I realllllllllly hope you're right and that now, spring will arrive.


  2. Hello! Found you through SIStv!

    LOVElovelove the hat you made -- that yarn looks absolutely delicious.

    I agree with Becca -- I hope Spring arrives too... In the mean time, rock your cute hat!

  3. i totally love it!!!! you are the master knitter! :) xo

  4. Fabulous tuque! Home made is always better than bought. BTW... LOVE WEEDS!!!!! I can't wait for next season.

  5. that hat is absolutely fantastic!!!
    i am doing a fun giveaway on my blog (for some lovely fingerless gloves) if you have a cupcake recipe (or fav. cupcake) to share, pop on over and check it out!!
    i am baking my own for my wedding in june and would love any ideas or inspiration!
    thanks : )

  6. This is the greatest blue pom pom hat I have seen.


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