how I spent my spring break ...

Hanging out with this joker.
Eating delicious Girl Scout cookies. (Lemonades, my favorite, and Caramel Delites.)
And playing in the snow. Springtime in Iowa.
Just two days ago, we were taking walks in 60 degree sunshine and I was ready to break out my flip-flops. No, seriously.
But today, my poor tulips are snow covered. Like I said – springtime in Iowa.


  1. fun!! and what is up with those girl guide cookies??? we don't get those here - only vanilla (my fave) chocolate, and chocolate mint. not fair! (-:


  2. we only get plain or chocolate girl guide biscuits here too! wow yours look fancy.
    love your daughters colourful bedspread! and tulips are my fave

  3. Are you serious you got snow again?!?! ugh. your poor sweet tulips. Hopefully the last play in the snow.... I resisted the girl scout cookies this year. Now I am kicking myself:)

  4. snow again??? ey-vey!! But I love Lo's comfy, cute bedding!

  5. OMG...Will the snow ever end? I am so in the mood to plant something pretty.


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