hey snow ...

(That is all.)


  1. its so sunny and mild here today - its amazing what a little sun does for the mood. i can't stop smiling and i'm pretty sure i do a little skip when i walk lol.

    hang in there!!!

  2. at least yours looks white still! ours is all brown and gross. i'm with you though - enough!!!

  3. i'm with you on that, come on spring!! miss you! :(

  4. I live near Fargo.... and I have had it up to there and past and back again....
    I truly understand.

    Yeah, I said Fargo.

  5. aww man.
    i know.
    we're getting to summer.

  6. this photo totally reminds me of growing up in thunder bay. i loved it as a kid, but when i came to be old shovel...forget it. lol.
    here's hoping you get a wave of sunshine to melt that stuff soon.

  7. Hahaha, it has been crazy here in NY. Snow, sleet, ice, rain. EVERY week on the same day pretty much we have some sort of storm lingering. Thank god Florida is only 3 weeks away:)

  8. ha!! That's too funny! I FINALLY have internet again! Whew...starting to go through DTs going against our internet diet convo...o'well, it's hard to missing all my girls...
    can you resend the pic you emailed me about, i must of deleted off my BB and then it deleted it in my computer-sorry!

  9. Oh, my! That's a whole lotta snow! I woulda had it up to there by now, too...lol.


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