cast on, rock out.

If you've been reading here awhile, you know that I teach a beginner's knitting class at Ephemera in the East Village. (I know I've blogged this photo before ... taken by Arin and Karen, the lovely girls who own the shop ... but it's just so adorable that I can't help but share it again.)
It's so so so much fun to hang out at the shop and I love passing on the love (and addiction) of knitting to sweet people, like my pal Sara.
Here's a class photo from our latest group of fantastic knitters, and I'm excited to start a new session with a brand new group tomorrow! Every time, we have such a fun, chatty group and it's always a blast to meet everyone.
And starting next month, we're offering another class for knitters who want to learn the next step ... knitting in the round. Yup, that means hats. (And eventually sweaters, and so on!) We'll be making this lightweight spring cap in class.
This class is perfect for anyone who took the beginner's class at Ephemera, or for any knitter who is ready to tackle circular and double pointed needles to make their first hat. Just holla at the girls at Ephemera to sign up – class will meet for just one session on April 15th or on May 4th.


  1. bummer...I would so LOVE to take that class!! xo

  2. wish we had cool shops like that. love the tutorial below. seems easy enough for me to do. i just bought a few plain ol' tees i can spiffy up now.

  3. i wish you were here so you could teach me! i'm going to learn before the winter comes around again, dang it.

  4. You're the bomb Jen! I wish I could take a knitting class from you!

  5. Jen... i was too late to get into the first class, but the second one, im there and so is Ash! Can't wait for you to teach me some more amazing tricks of the trade. PS wanna be hooking buddies soon? maybe sunday night, you'll be so proud ;)


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