New Dare is up today: fashion on paper. Tina picked this rad collection of outfits to serve as inspiration for our pages. (Makes me wish for spring to get here already.)

This is a little page about the first sweater I knitted for Lo last fall. I wish I had gone more light and airy with this one; next time, I swear, I'll be all light and airy. (I try sometimes, but it still comes out looking like this.) I sorta ran with the navy and I want a do-over.

And there's a new challenge up at The Creative Type, too – type + comics. I hoard this kind of stuff, so I was ready to go. This was a pic from the trip to Kansas City that Bo and I took last summer to see Rancid. (I love this Bam Pop paper. And the 'super rad!' stamp. And yes, there are a couple of stickers on this page that came with our Guitar Hero game.)


  1. I really like the 'Hand Made' page - but I do know what you mean about trying to do somthing different then ending up with yet another 'Julie' page [Although, obviously you's would be another 'Jen' page ... obviously!].

    Oh and comics + scrapping, always = :D

  2. i personally like it when your pages turn out like "this" just fyi. ha.

    but feel free to go whatever direction you'd like. . .my bet is i'd like it when they turn out like that too.

    basically what i'm trying to say is - as long as you're scrapping i'll be happy. lol

  3. LOVE your hand made page so much! xoxo


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