the big three

Baby girl turns three today. She was just laying on my lap last night while drinking her apple juice, staring up into my eyes. Just like she did when she was drinking milk when she was a newborn. Checking me out. (Yup, still here. Still your number one fan.)

I honestly feel like I had a baby one day, and then turned around to find a three year old who can hold a conversation and help me fold the laundry.

Just for the record ...

Favorite songs to sing in the car: the alphabet, Robo Dancing (Money Mark), Nice 'N Clean (Chromeo), Lotus (Cage the Elephant), Fireflies (Owl City), Just Because it's Different Doesn't Mean it's Scary (I'm from Barcelona), Friends in All the Right Places (Manchester), It's Okay, Try Again (The Shins)

Favorite snacks: pretzels + peanut butter, yogurt, cheese

Favorite thing to wear: a dress over jeans, yellow Chucks with a surfboarding cat on them, new Vans slip-ons

Playtime: dress up, dollhouse, playing outside, drawing/coloring/painting with watercolors, play-doh

Favorite tv shows: Ni Hao Kai Lan, Charlie and Lola, Yo Gabba Gabba. (I could add Caillou, but I'm trying to phase the little whiner out of our lineup.)

Beverage of choice: apple juice

Funniest thing said in recent days: "No no no – I'm not emo, mommy. I'm sad."

Potty training: negatory (but making progress)

Naps: optional

Cuteness: on a scale from 1 to 10, she's an 11


  1. awe! she is an 11!!!!
    happy birthday lo!!!

  2. Definately an 11!! Hope Lo has a fantastic birthday. xx

  3. Wow! I remember scrappin with you when she was 2 weeks old!! Hope Lo has a great birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Have a wonderful day!

  5. happy birthday Lo!!!! Auntie D will send you something soon! I remember those days, they grow up so quickly. It's great you're recording her favorites, it's
    great to look back and read.

  6. happy happy!!
    bring her to LA on the next trip!

  7. Happy Birthday LO!!!!

    I looked up that YGG Chromeo song and it's totally in my head now : )

  8. Happy 3!! I love the emo quote - too much cuteness you have on your hands there ;)

  9. aww! HAPPY THREE TO LO! she's a tiny rock star just like her mom and i can't wait to meet her one of these days! happy happy happy birthday!

  10. ahh happy birthday, gorgeous little girl x

  11. Happy Birthday!!! But three already?! I remember when she had just turned one!

    We're phasing the little whiner out of our line up, too.

  12. Happy Birthday! And that emo comment cracks me up!

  13. Owl City: Fireflies - Awesome taste in songs (my kids LOVE that song too)..ahem, so do i!

  14. Happy birthday and HELP. My little baby is turning three in about a week. He only wants two little girls at his party. Do you have any awesome ideas I can steal/borrow?


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