life looks like this.

Biggest change/upgrade for 2010 for Bo and I? New phones. I know ... this is so not a big deal, but we have joined the 20th Century and now have text messaging. This is major for me since I'm not a huge phone-talker. And Pandora on my phone? Awesome. Texts from Yana and Erin and Vee? Triple awesome.

This guy is looking pretty cool hanging out in my craft room. (2010 Letterpress Calendar by 1Canoe2.)

Just busted out this kit (finally!) from The Dozens. There are so many rad things inside and I can't wait to have a couple of hours to mess around with it.

Washi tape, direct from Tokyo! These are the prettiest colors, I swear. My favorites. (from Origamisan and UGUiSU.)

Best packaging in the universe = Moosejaw.

This week, I tried to make a t-shirt scarf/necklace thing.

Not completely sure how I feel about it yet ... ;)

New project on the needles = Oatmeal Pullover by Jane Richmond. Mine is going to be in the Lion Brand snapdragon/moss color, my fave shade of green.

Best artwork of 2010, by little Lo. She draws and paints faces on every piece of paper I give her, and I want to keep them all.

Cold winter days = adventures in mom's closet.

Watch out, Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Tonight, I'm off to start another sesh of my beginners' knitting class at Ephemera in the East Village. (Just a couple of photos from my last class, taken by the lovely Karen.)

It has been so much fun – serious fun – sending out new knitters into the cold, wintry night. Our last group of girls was such a blast; there was a lot of joking and storytelling going on along with the dropped stitches and first few rows of knitted success. I wouldn't consider myself a teacher at all, but this is more like conversation (with a little bit of instruction) anyway. It's good, and being able to share this hobby is golden.


  1. 1) I like the scarfy-necklace. I think it would be a hit in CO, at least in my casa.
    b) Those are the best kind of teachers- the ones that teach others without them realizing they've been taught. Word.
    III) I like everything else in your post also.

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  3. Hey Jen! Were you inspired by NECKLUSH on etsy? I bought one and it is really cool! Yours looks awesome!

  4. love that tee shirt necklace thing. Do you have a pattern?? I'm in need of some new versatile neckwear

  5. sigh.... this all makes me miss ya like crazy. LOVE the calendar!!!

  6. hee-hee...welcome to the world of texting..i swear i can't live without need to text me some time! love the pic of Lo all dressed up in mamma's stinkin' cute!!

  7. Jen is texting now?? YIPPEEE!!!! Me and Will have moved up in the world to, we just ordered some new phones and new service. We will have to exchange numbers(if yours has changed, mine is going to) Loved this post and I am looking forward to seeing your finished sweater! Miss you!!!!!

  8. so much fun in this post:) oh so wish I could come to the knitting class:) and so love those pics of Lotus:) The girl has some style:) wonder where she get's that from:)

  9. hey sugarsweetsunshine ... yes, I totally saw the Necklushes awhile back and I think I'm definitely going to have to get one. (my sad scarf thing is not nearly as awesome.)

  10. They've recently started a knitting club in one of my local pubs - it's lovely to meet some like minded people and just hang out together knitting.

    P.S. I like the t-shirt scarf :)

  11. if i lived anywhere near you i would love to take your class!
    ie. is there a way to fix or make up for a dropped stitch? i just made my first rectangle and it has some lil holes...
    and that green wool is very nice!

  12. i really like the t-shirt scarf! Tutorial please? i totally need some washi tapes!

    p.s. i can't believe you are only just texting?!?!

  13. love the necklace too! lo looks so cute playing dress up! :)

  14. I love your t-shirt necklace scarf thing and lo's drawings are gorgeous, i found a load my son had done when he was about 3 i'm so glad i kept some, couldn't keep them all though we would need a bigger place xx

  15. hey jen! i just discovered your blog and i love it!!! keep up the good work. by the way, I saw that 1canoe2 calender at renegade and have been wanting ever since!!! i'm so jealous!

  16. I want to take your knitting class! and that art from Lo is awesome! As creative as her mom. I ordered that Dozen's kit, too, I'm hoping to get it soon!


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