shout it out loud

This is my baby girl.

In Gene Simmons' KISS makeup.

Bo took Lotus out to family night at the mall, where there was face painting. I was home knitting.

And she came home looking like this. My first honest reaction: horror. But seconds later I embraced the coolness. And laughed really hard. Who else paints their two year old daughter's face in KISS makeup? I heard that she terrorized the mall play area and got a lot of compliments. My family kicks A.

one year in one book

When Lotus was born, I had several ideas about what her baby book should look like, what info it would contain, and how I would ever begin to choose which photos to include.

And it wasn't until this week that I finally tackled this project.

Every month for a year, I took a black and white photo of Lo with a calendar page (I used the 2nd day of each month, because her b-day was on the 2nd.) And I wrote a few notes each month to document the many changes, developments and funny stories that can be so quickly forgotten. (Seriously, as I was typing up my notes, I couldn't believe how much everything had changed since she was a newborn and am so thankful I wrote down the little stuff.)

So here's the whole thing...

I kept it sort of simple because the photos and the notes are the best part. I think if CZ saw this, she would be proud of me. This project is up for the challenge at The Creative Type this week. Be sure to check out the rest later today and play along. Sometimes, challenges like this get you motivated to make something you have been wanting to do for a long time. And I say go for it!

i could sleep, i could sleep...

New Dare is up... where do you sleep? How do you sleep?

(pillow thief + pillow fight ...)

check what the other girls did here...

bird is the word

Make room in the garage. Bo scored a 1979 Vespa P200E (in great shape...)

...and a 1978 JC Penney Pinto 2. (Ummm, yeah, it's awesome!) The Vespa thing is absolutely more Bo's hobby than mine, but I have to be honest and admit that I'm very excited to take the Pinto around the hood this summer.

There have been several nights/afternoons spent working on the fleet.

And I'm not even sure why I'm posting this, other than Bo and I have been watching it non-stop for the past week and we think it's hilariously awesome. (For more moped gang fun, you must check out moped army.)

**Disclaimer: Please DO NOT WATCH if your kids are in the room. Do not watch if you are not a fan of horror movies, gore, blood, brains, exploding eyeballs, fire, The Birds, goats with more than two eyes, death metal, mopeds and the like. If these things are not disturbing to you, then please enjoy.**

The Los Angeles Latebirds - Flock Yeah II from Brian Sowell on Vimeo.

Swarm and destroy. :)

longtime sunshine.

Last night, we got 'Rachel Getting Married' at red box. And I finished stitching up this picnic blanket using Rachel Denbow's instructions from the Red Velvet spring class. It was kind of a Rachel night all around.

X marks the spot. And holds the layers together.

I had been stalking our local fabric stores to see if anyone still had this older Amy Butler print. I love the colors, and the blanket turned out super fun. I can't wait to put it to use. It's too perfect for playing outside, lunch in the back yard, parades, you name it.

I finished knitting this little grey beret last week. It's actually kind of big, but I don't mind because it isn't tight enough to give me hat-head.

We've been able to take advantage of the warmer days, and were happy to take our first walk this season to the park.

I got this rad custom Amy Tangerine t-shirt (it says 'hey!') from super sweet Amy Tan last week. I'm in total love with the stripes.

Bo scored an Ibanez RG350EX Series (with shark tooth inlays) and spent a little time teaching Lo how to use a pick and the whammy bar. I will be playing it, too, I'm sure.

My mom came to town for a visit and we hung out with my aunt.

It feels so great to fill the lungs with fresh air and get out of the house. I'm just dying to break out the flip flops, but it hasn't been quite warm enough. My dad also visited right after my mom did ... lots of playing, lunch at Red Robin, but no pics to share.

We like to hit up the nearby Starbucks after dinner on certain nights when we just need to go do something or want to sit and chat. We get coffee; Lo gets shortbread cookies. And makes herself at home.

The girl loves shopping. And has firm opinions on what is cool, and what is not. She spotted this fabulous SpongeBob hat in Wal-Mart while we were picking up diapers.

And we were not leaving the store without it.

More little girl fashion: this OiLily shirt. Front.

And back. It's too hilarious. Although we're not sure we understand it. (Obey Your Kitty?!)

Erin Go Bragh

My dear friend Erin celebrated her birthday on St. Patty's Day at good old Cabaret. Our go-to place for drinks and catching up. We ate cupcakes, sang the words to songs we were half embarrassed to know the words to, and then hung out the following night, too. We somehow always tend to hang out for several nights in a row, then not see each other for a few weeks and then hang out again for three days straight. Love ya, my friend!


New Dare is up. About indulgences. Splurging. So I did a little daydreaming...

and made a paper version...

...and a Polyvore version of my imaginary shopping spree. Which was very fun to think about.

i met ben folds

It is true. Bo and I got to hang with Ben Folds for a bit after his show last night!

I even gave him a little hug.


oh yoshimi...

they don't believe me. but you won't let those robots defeat me...

We have a new challenge up today at The Creative Type: song lyrics.

I picked this song because:

1. I love the Flaming Lips.

2. I have never done anything with any of my pictures from my martial arts days at ISU. (Yup, that is me on the left in the photo. Check my cat-like reflexes.)

3. Every time I hear this song, it makes me daydream about this girl, taking lots of vitamins and kicking pink robot ass. :)

Be sure to check out the awesome pages the other girls did ... I loved seeing the songs everyone chose.

and PS... play along with us to win a fab prize from Veronica @ Shabby Chic Crafts.

work it

it's friday, lovelies, and time to work your soul...

Our subject matter this week is vintage paper, and I was lucky enough to snag the most talented Jamaica as our guest girl (the perfect person for the job.) I find myself admiring her paper collection from afar. (And yes, that is the definition of nerdiness.)

But you absolutely must take a look at what she made. You won't believe your eyes.

little lady

we have quite the little talker on our hands. gone are the days of funny pronunciations like ahtay (okay) and bup (cup) and pampoo (shampoo.) although there are still lots of words in her vocab that she's still perfecting.

she's developed a new smirk...

and rocks the best socks ever.

they say 'i heart juicy candy' and the bottoms of the feet say 'smells like couture.' if she is wearing these, she won't put on pants because then she can't admire the socks. :)