What a Load of Craft recap + hanging with Leslie Hall

Let's just cut to the chase. I got to meet Leslie Hall. She's crafty. She sings and dances. She's awesome. Leslie is insanely sweet and she and the LYs put on a super craftastical show at What a Load of Craft last weekend, plus signed an autograph for Lo and took the time to chat a bit about Yo Gabba Gabba.

This picture will absolutely make me laugh out loud every time I see it for the rest of my life. Oh my. Such a rad time.

Craft talk ...

craft talk ...

work through the pain, work it through the pain.

Anyway, it was a great day to spend with a couple of crafty pals from Des Moines, like Lara of Handmade Pretties.

And my lovely Erin (StellaJames.)

And lots and lots of other super fun vendors.

Forty, to be exact.

I picked up some yarn and an apron from Diane of BugSnugger, and a very cool t-shirt from the kind folks from Cicada Grove.

The show drew in quite a crowd and we had a very good, busy day.

Set to the music of several local bands, like Lipstick Homicide.

And Killed by Death.

And the Craft Death Match did not disappoint!

The whole experience was definitely not your average craft show, and big thanks to Grace and Susan for all the imagination and hard work that went into this very cool event.

And now, I'm getting ready to do it all over again. I'm knitting up a brand new pile of cowls and scarves and hats to sell at my very last and final craft show of 2009. Seriously. This is it, people.

I got some new tags for my hand-knits.

And I've been making a few of the coffee cup sleeves for sale as well.

And even yarn ball ornaments.

So where will I be vending this Saturday evening? So happy you asked. I'll be at the First Annual Helliday Party and Craftacular at the edge of downtown Des Moines. Come on out and check out what I've been knitting – you'll be sure to find some great last-minute gifts. The entire block of the Western Gateway shops is having a block party, including Finders Creepers, Vitae, Dorothea's Closet, Robert Spellman Gallery and the Jaded Lotus, who will be hosting several local bands to keep your ears happy, ending the night with DJ Starscream (yup, Sid Wilson of Slipknot!)


  1. wow!! that is sooo awesome! what an awesome, cool craft show! I have never been to anything like that! I would love it!!!!
    the pics look awesome! your new tags look beautiful!
    those yarn ornaments are wicked cool!
    Good luck at your final craft show...just for this year, right?

  2. those ladies look like loads of fun! :) girl your won hot knitting momma! :) love your new tags! :) have fun and sell lots at your last craft show! :) XO

  3. The tags are TO DIE FOR JEN! Awesome!

  4. This is soooo awesome!!! How fun!
    Love your tags!!!! And those yarn ball ornaments! Ok, and the cozies and cowls. ;) Love your work! You Rock.

  5. jeeaaalous to the max. but happy for you at the same time that you got to meet miss gem sweater herself. ha. looks like an awesome time!!

  6. Love the tags...and those darling yarn ball ornaments!!

  7. ha1 I met that yo gabba gabba lady in Philadelphia at a craft show, saw her act, pretty funny. I LOOOOOOOOVE that picture where they are holding you and you're in the birthing postion-yep, my good' ol Jen, sittin' pretty....I KNEW it!!! Ha!
    Love all your knitted goodies, you're so ever talented!
    Miss you-today I scrapbooked that pic of the 4 of us in Chicago...packing tonight, we're headed to Acapulco for Xmas... wish you were coming-and Matty's even here!! awww...it would have been like old times!!!
    Give Lo a big kiss from me!


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