that's cool ...

Just a few pretty things around the internets that have caught my eye ...

Wood Type Collage no. G – Original Art in a Limited Edition (my daughter's initials ... well, except for the K)

1canoe2's 2010 Letterpress Calendar

super rad Amy Tangerine t-shirts – huge sale at The Mini Social (sign up for huge discounts on the coolest kids' stuff anywhere)

wood coasters (from my pals at urban posture)

Barcelona Chair Notes (set of 6)

Big Love Ring – Winter Colors (love the gray)

sun, cloud sky necklace

Moop Letter Bag – in rosewood (or any color ... they all rock)

Handmade Pretties (I had to scoop up one of these appliqued earwarmers for Lo – my crafty pal Lara makes amazing things!)

what's on your cool list?


  1. love your selections! Thank you for your kind words and the support as always!! :)


  2. can't wait to see some of your lovely knit hats in your etsy shop!!! They look so cozy and cool : ) Happy Hollidays!


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