#winterdeathstorm09 + gem sweaters

Iowans everywhere are tweeting and FB-ing and talking and complaining about this huge snowstorm that we're weathering. We might boast about how tough we are, how good/bad we are at driving in it, and how it's ruined our plans (or made them better ... because the next day or so has a chance of being a snow day.) No matter what, no matter how much you hate it, you know you kind of love it.

Mostly unrelated ... these bearded Icelandic caps are all kinds of awesome (from Birkiland.) If you want to make your own, here's a free pattern on Ravelry. I might have to bust one of these out for Bo.

And this Saturday, I'll be vending at What A Load of Craft in Iowa City. I'm extremely excited. There's going to be a Craft Death Match, which pits crafters and audience members against each other in a brutal tour-de-force craft battle. Participants create a pre-determined craft project within the time limit, set to a metal soundtrack provided by local dj Killed by Death (and other bands throughout the day.) Death Match rounds include speed knitting, gingerbread house construction, play-doh meal, and human gift wrapping. Do you see why I'm giddy about this weekend? Could there be a cooler craft show?
So in preparation, I've been knitting my face off, per usual, and then I saw something on What A Load of Craft's Facebook page that said 'special guest emcee ... Leslie Hall, plus a performance by Leslie and the LYs!!!' Right, like that Leslie! We first became a fan when she was a guest on Lo's fave show, Yo Gabba Gabba. But then we discovered Leslie's craft-tastical music, found out that she's from Ames and the rest is just craft talk. Anyway, I could not be any more stoked.

I must be dreaming. (Make it make it make it make it faster faster faster faster ... work through the pain, work it through the pain.)


  1. I love, love, love Leslie's Craft Talk video! When you're making crafts, you're spicing up the world!

    Also, I'm simultaneously jealous/not jealous of your big snow storm. Maybe some will be left by the time we get there for Christmas!

  2. I will take that mask in every color please

  3. That is a super fabulous video!

    I can't believe I got out of DSM right before the storm (I literally took the last Westbound flight last night and barely made it home, at that). Looking at the photo of that snow is making me wish for more than the little dusting I saw on Sunday.

    That sounds like the coolest craft fair EVAR. Have a great time and take lots of photos (and no prisoners). If there are any super awesome last-min shopping fairs let me know- back through town the 22-26th!

  4. holy smokes! i wish i lived anywhere near that craft show! it sounds like the coolest thing ever! best of luck to you at it, I hope you sell out!


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