Dare #153 is up today. I took a break on the last two rounds and really missed it. But wow, the girls have been rocking it. Hard. This week's topic: don't stop ______. I love the different directions you can take this. And can I just say one thing? You know you're part of something kind of perfect and awesome when if feels right. Every time I've done a Dare, it's been easy. Even if it was something difficult to express or if I had no idea what direction I was heading when I started putting the pieces together. When other people see it and it doesn't make sense, it's often something I needed to say even if it's just to myself. It's good, it comes naturally, and that's how you know you're supposed to be doing something and you're in the right place. Some things can't be forced.


  1. I can definitely tell that it's a good fit. Every time. And every time I want to follow along. But then I don't. Ugh.

  2. thanks so much, babe, for the congrats!


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