can't stop won't stop ...

Here's a quick peek at some of the hand-knit super chunky scarves and cowls and hats and neck warmers I'll be bringing with me to What a Load of Craft. Yes, I'm pretty sure I have either carpal tunnel or arthritis or both after this season of knitting. Ha. (Again, W.A.L.O.C. is this Saturday, as in tomorrow – December 12th – at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Iowa City. You can find a map and info here.) Come out to shop for some last-minute holiday gifts (and check out the live music and DJs.) I'm super stoked for a road trip with my Erin and the chance to see Leslie and the LYs perform at – what else – a craft show. I'll be listing any leftover items in the shop after this weekend. I really hope to see you there – make sure to stop by and say hi!


  1. you're a yarn killa. the scarves make me squee with delight.

  2. you are a knitting machine! Super cute stuff!

  3. Love the chunky knits! So rad!!

  4. cute montage! wishing you great sales over the weekend. I really need to get one of those neck warmers. maybe I'll shoot you an email on what colors I would like.
    happy weekend!

  5. ha! i just learned to crochet and have been making chunky cowls non-stop (to the point where i, too, believe i am developing some sort of carpal tunnals and my boyfriend looked me straight in the eye and told me i have an addiction).

    keep it up, and all the best at your sale


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