our weekend looked like this...

Trick-or-treating fun with a pal dressed up as Super Martian Robot girl. (Because who else would DJ Lance Rock hang out with?)

The best jack-o-lanterns on the block – which included a Slipknot pumpkin (in the middle.) This house was actually used for the filming of Slipknot's 'Duality' video, which we got to watch since we live so close.

After trick-or-treating, we crashed the Halloween party at great aunt Chris's house and filled up on popcorn balls and treats of all kinds.

Arts and crafts at Ollie's costume party.

Pumpkins, googly eyes and candy corn.

Decorating Nutter Butter ghost cookies.

On Sunday, we hit up the Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead celebration at The Des Moines Art Center.

Food, music, art and gorgeous colors everywhere.

We even got to decorate a sugar skull.

He ended up looking like this. (ha!)

The nice warm weather made for a pretty awesome walk through the leaves behind the Art Center.

And one last chance to play in the leaves.

You can't resist taking a turn to sit in the massive egg-shaped sculptures.

Hello November. There's no denying it ... fall is here.


  1. Love your pictures and your adventures with your very cute family:)

  2. Love the inside the egg photo! I want to sit there too.

  3. wow...sounds like you had a great weekend! love the sugar skulls!

  4. Fun weekend! I saw a pic of Brad Pitt wearing the same costume as Lo, he totally copied her!

  5. awww..that sugar skull looks just like me-LO was thinking of me again I see...
    Looks like a great weekend!!


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