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A little bit of now ... (this page is for the latest challenge at the Creative Type.) I had to list all of the nicknames we've come up with for Lo since she was born. There are zillions of them and they probably only make sense to us, but I know they'll be a riot to look back on someday. For sweet girl's sake, I kindly hid them behind her photo so she won't be totally embarrassed should her prom date come across this page one day. (Dude, your parents called you Ludatis? Stinky Von Stinkerson? Mini Buns?) I bet you wish you could read the rest of the list, right?

A little bit of then. For today's Dare. We're getting all nostalgic on you today. It's about things you never told someone, whatever that means to you. I went with my grandparents for this one, because they were a huge part of my life growing up. There are a lot of other things I could have listed here, like how I think of my grandma every time I make pizza. Or how grandpa used to tell me that hot water gets things clean but cold water rinses soap out the best. I've been saving this piece of paper (the floral background sheet) in hopes of using it for this exact page for five years, ever since I started scrapbooking in 2004. Seriously. It reminds me of something in my grandparents' house ... it might have been a chair, or curtains, the colors in the carpet, or maybe it was just fabric my grandma had. I'm just really happy I was able to find it.

All of this nostalgia brings me to this month's kit from The Dozens. I haven't splurged on a kit in a long time but this one was calling my name. It's full of Frank Lloyd Wright, 1920s Arts and Crafts, art deco, greek key patterns, Piet Mondrian and I couldn't say no. Can't wait to get for this box to arrive on my doorstep - yay!


  1. hahaha...i like your nicknames for Lo...we have a ton for draven too and i've been wanting to make a page about them...and i love the layout too!!

  2. Love the dares layout-rad! and of course little Lo, what a cutie. and I ordered that Dozen's kit, too!

  3. Loving the layouts!!

    The Dozens are back?? Yay!!!

  4. every bit last to the drop goodness!


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