Knitting projects ...

See all of these and more in person – just come out to Craft Saturday tomorrow.

I'm bringing some new paintings, too. I've had a bunch of requests for of batman and the sandwich guy, so here you go.

In honor of all you New Moon fans, I attempted to knit Bella's La Push hat last night.

(This could make the perfect gift!) photo of my hat coming soon ...

And I finished this lovely thing last week.

The Chorley Wrap from Rowan Magazine 46.

I'm in love (and it took under four days to knit!) It's extremely thick and warm and cozy. (Yeah, this is not for sale.) ;)

Just a little reminder of a few local events you should definitely be checking out, especially if you've got some holiday shopping to do. Tonight is the Holiday Promenade in the East Village (and the weather is going to be fantastic.)

While you're there, be sure to stop by SMASH (now Raygun) for their big name-change party.

And you must also check out the new Ephemera location to say hi to my pals Arin and Karen. Their new digs are pretty amazing! You can also find a new colorful pile of my hand-knits there.

Tomorrow marks Craft Saturday's 4th Annual holiday show – you don't want to miss it! Get a most excellent start on your holiday shopping adventure. We'll be there from noon to six.

And Market Day is next Friday, Black Friday. Shopping local has never looked so good.

Oh yeah – I'm also guest blogging one more time at Smile and Wave today! Jump over to check out what's going on over there (I've loved all the guest posters this month) and see who won the giveaway. (Happy Friday!)


  1. busy little knitting bee!
    i love the moped photos!

  2. you are like a knitting goddess right now..and i totally want/need to make that Chorley wrap, i don't care that i live in florida and will only be able to wear it twice!

  3. OMG! That Chorley wrap is GORGEOUS!

  4. you are a knitting rockstar!! i know you will have a great day tomorrow, xo!

  5. hey beautiful! I love the photo of you on the vespa! you are so hott! :P
    have a great weekend!

  6. JEN!! You are a knitting machine, I am in love with all of your items ESPECIALLY those new hat things you made. I love that yellow one. Oh I need one, I keep saying I will buy one of your knitted goods, but I keep buying other people gifts, silly me. Soon I have to treat myself:)

  7. Loving the knits - GORGEOUS!

    check out my blog


  8. amazing.

    today i saw a chunky cowl at the Gap, and i was thinking, jen renee's cowls are SO much cuter. :)

  9. all of your stuff is beautiful! i love the big chunky stuff....

  10. Dude. I have never seen so many lovely, chunky, knitted things in one place and am totally jealous that I can't rock the needles. Seriously!! :) You rock!

  11. Wow! I love your knittings :)! they are gorgeous!

  12. Love your knits! I'm sorry I didn't make it to Craft Saturday even more than I was before I saw these photos.

  13. Loving those chunky knits, they look so warm and cosy... could you tell me the name of the pattern for the grey hoodie, would love to make one of those :)

  14. wow! i love all the knitted pieces!


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