where the wild things are.

So, were you wondering what Lotus was going to be for Halloween this year?
Why, DJ Lance Rock, of course.

She's pretty thrilled with the costume choice and has been wearing this get-up quite a bit at home already. (She even likes to have the hat and glasses on.)

Last weekend, we spent a sunny warm afternoon trick-or-treating where the wild things truly are, Night Eyes at Blank Park Zoo.

It's such a fun chance to get dressed up before Halloween, and see the zoo one more time before winter hits.

They have peacocks wandering around un-caged, and Bo snapped this gorgeous pic.

We got to see (and hear) the tiger up-close and personal.

They have lots of decorations and lights set up throughout the zoo, but these guys are my favorite.

Lo did a great job practicing her 'trick or treat' skills.

And we met Clifford ...

... and Curious George.

It was a super fun afternoon, and we can't deny it ... Lotus makes a super cute DJ Lance. Her costume is just plain ...


  1. that little lo can rock a costume like nobody's business. ROCK. love it!

  2. I don't know that DJ (I'm from Holland) but your daughter sure looks cute!!!

  3. Theeeeeeeeee best costume!!!! You know it:)

  4. oh.my.gawd.
    lo's costume is hilarious and adorable! teehee.


  5. that is hilariously adorable!! too funny and cute! Awesome pics, girl!!
    Hope you are having an awesome week!

  6. she is so adorable - you are giving her such a great sense of style!!


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