music in a barn...

Last night, we got to see a bunch of bands in a barn (for free!) on the Barnstormer II tour, which featured six shows across the midwest put on by Daytrotter.

It was a chilly night but we got to hear some fantastic music. (Photos jacked from Des Moines Metromix, credit Dan Hodges.)

The barn is over 100 years old.

Lotus and I had to go home early so she could hit the hay. (Haha. Hit the hay.) See the somewhat unhappy expression on her face (although she did enjoy herself for most of the time we were there.) She was also asking where the chickens were.

But Bo stayed and got to see the rest of the lineup. Which included...

Dawes. (North Hills, CA)

Suckers. (Brooklyn, NY)

Maritime. (Milwaukee, WI)

Snowblink. (Toronto)

Paleo. (Elgin, IL)

And Christopher Denny. (Little Rock, AR) Click links for free downloads of their music at Daytrotter. Illustrations by Johnnie Cluney.

Daytrotter is is one of the most respected indie music sites in the country, and it's run by native Iowan Sean Moeller. The site features features free downloads with original write-ups and art of emerging bands. So if you want to check out some of the rad sounds we experienced last night, head on over to download songs for free. There are tons of them available (it's kind of amazing) and I promise you'll like what you hear.


  1. I went to the Daytrotter barn show in Iowa City this summer and was blown away! (Went to see Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and The Local Natives). The acoustics in the barn were awesome! Sadly, I missed the one in Johnston due to another commitment. Hopefully they'll put on another round of shows soon, Daytrotter rocks!

  2. That looks like such a fun, intimate, venue for bands to play at. Your daughter is going to be a very music savvy girl when she grows older. Love how you take her to all of these great events!!!!

  3. Love those pics and the 'hit the hay' pun. You're so cute! Oh and that barn is fabulous!!

    -Jamie (BoBamie)

  4. sounds like soo much fun! lotus is TOO cute!


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