happy halloween

It's that time of year! (Although I kind of feel like it's been Halloween for two months already.)

But maybe it just feels like that when you have a little one who is uncontrollably excited about trick-or-treating and pumpkins and costumes.

We took this cutie out to pick out a couple of pumpkins this week.

And of course, she was very excited.

Who doesn't love pumpkins?

And this place had such a huge selection. I was tempted to get all Martha Stewart with the crazy pumpkin varieties but we just went with the plain big orange ones. :)

Tonight, we'll be taking our little DJ Lotus Rock trick-or-treating around the 'hood to visit some of our favorite neighbors.

This is the third time she's worn her costume, so we're getting a lot of use out of it. We're also hoping to hang out with our little pal, Stella, who is dressing up as Super Martian Robot girl from YGG.

Yesterday, we had a super fun time at the kids' Halloween party at the library.

Crafts, songs, stories ...

... and puppet shows. It was super fun to see all of the little costumes the kids had a little parade around the library.

And we attempted a little bit of pumpkin carving earlier this week.

Lo wasn't afraid to dig right in.

We ended up making a Brobee and baby Muno pumpkin. (We call him baby Muno, but it's really GoGo, Muno's baby brother.)

Hope you're having a super fun and safe Halloween weekend!


  1. New follower here. Your daughter is adorable! Love her costume and your pumpkins. HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!

  2. Happy Halloween! Love the baby pumpkins Lo is holding!

  3. She looks so freakin cute! Love it! Great pics and I hope u guys have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Happy Halloween Jen!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you guys have a fun one, which I am sure you will.

    Miss you!!!

  5. awwww....she's so cute, and she looks so happy in her costume! happy halloween, and big hughs for you both!

  6. Oh my gosh Lotus costume is the cutest!!!!!! Do have a wonderful Halloween:)

  7. awww awesome pics, babe! lo looks adorable!

  8. She's getting so old, Jen! Definitely time to bring another cutie patootie into this world! Tell Bo hello!


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