the cool list.

So much lovely stuff on the internets. It's not fair not to share. :)

Jamaica's lists.

Classes at Ephemera.

Kara's books.

What a Load of Craft.

Kate Bingaman's interview with ReadyMade.


Chunky hat from Free People (that I'm going to try to make.)

New colors at Moop.

Craft Saturday.

My So Called Life on Hulu. (All of the episodes!)
*what's on your cool list?*


  1. this list is perfection!
    i think glee is cool.
    also craftiness is cool and so are you.

  2. My So Called Life on Hulu!?! yesssss

    my cool list? braving my fear of grocery stores and planning my handmade christmas things

  3. love your list and my so called life on hulu= yay!! love that show and for my cool list for sure crafting, sheer lip gloss and purple scarfs! :)

  4. Love this list and oh, how much I miss my so called life!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. My So Called Life is heaven, just add Jen Renee to my list and it's completed...(-:

  6. Oh how I love My so called Life:)

    Will bought me the box set last year. I think I shall watch it all again:)

  7. ima need to check out the handmade class thing. handmade ANYTHING is definitely cool. :)


  8. MSCL is definitely on my cool list. I have the DVD set so I can watch it over and over and over.

  9. your cool list is so cool. i need to see my so-called life. miss you!

  10. So love the cool list:) thanks for the heads up with My So called life on Hulu!!!!!!! made my day:)

  11. Just wanted to say that I love your Etsy cowl neck sweaters. I noticed that Oprah said it is one of the must haves of the season, so I hope your stock goes flying off the shelves!


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