book nerd.

I bought this book a couple of weeks ago and can't wait to fill it up ... pages upon pages of amazingness waiting to be recorded.

The first list page I opened up to was this one - epic. I'm dying to spend a whole weekend with nothing but these lists and a pen and get it all written down.

Two more awesome scores ... this craft planner (which is beyond impressive and useful) and a book of iron-on transfers by Mike Perry.

(More Mike Perry.)

I got this killer book from my pal Jamaica in the mail, which totally made my day. Letterpressed cover and all. I'm already behind, but I'm using this little guy to play along with her book of lists project. You should too, because it's brilliant. Now is a great time to jump in – she's on list #2, so it will be easy to catch up.

And I finally finished and mailed off my half of a little long-distance project we had been working on.

Two books in one, half hers and half mine.

It's kind of like being pen-pals, but better. Nerdy paper + book-loving pen-pals.


  1. love all of this!! what a cool book you made. um, and i need to get that music list book for mr. wonderful for xmas. yay!
    ps- your post is showing up as oct, not nov. xo

  2. Two books in one wow! amazing! :)

    I looove that book (music listography)that you bought.

  3. Love the double book idea and the graphicness and simplicity of it! Made me want to make my own!

  4. Oooh..what a rad idea, each doing half of a book! The paper nerd in me is super jealous!! And I've been eyeing that listography book for a good while - it looks so fun. :)

  5. I have been coming across so many great books lately, and on to my wish list they go:)

    That one music list book I saw at Barnes and Noble, oh so tempting!!

    Love the book you made!

  6. crazy over the chartreuse, pink and red covers. my three fav colors. ever. it makes me giddy.

    and i'm seriously considering the z-fold. that or i'll have to make thin pages across from yours... they're bursting with goodness!

  7. that's amazing about the book!!!
    i've always wanted to do something like that.


  8. love it, i hope you are coming to cali in jan.! :)

  9. Does your head explode from being so creative? You and Jamaica have a super cool thing going with the 2 in one book. Love that!


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