5 cool things.

Craft Hope has Project 5 up and I'm really hoping to have enough time to participate.

LSTN #7 is rad. And free. Download it here.

Excited for D.I.Y. nights (brought to you by Urbanestics) to start up again at Mars Cafe.

Today is the last day to apply for What A Load of Craft. (I hope I get in! This is the craft show with the Craft Death Match and DJs who play heavy metal. Um, I'm in heaven.)

And have you seen this? A Wes Anderson theme party, right here in Des Moines. More info here. Or follow their party Tumblr.


  1. project 5 sounds wonderful!
    maybe one day you'll come to LA and do some of the craft shows here!

  2. Thank for the little shout out for DIY night!

    We registered for What a Load of Craft too! Fingers crossed for us!

  3. Dang who knew des moines was the happenin place?!? I mean i dont have cool crap like that here and I live in ca we are suppose to have that kind of stuff lol! We suck!


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