missing you, Chicago

Missing these girls already. We had a perfect sunny Renegade Saturday. That's for sure.

And I'm humming this pretty little song today. (Thanks, Danielle.) More Chicago/Renegade pics coming soon.


  1. did we know she was on Australian Idol?! I say we cos I didnt until I was just on you tube looking up more of her videos. love that song

  2. That is a great song and I love the pics i was sooo gonna do the stashes on a stick one time. Hehehehe!

  3. Yep, missing you, too...
    yep, my girls and I love us a little Lisa...she's so cute!
    yep, Chicago was a blast, Mexico next time??? I love all the modeling poses you took on Matt's patio, catwalk, here we come...

  4. Oh I miss you!!! Especially when you were dancing to song Fame:) it was really funny and of course fun. I am so happy we had the chance to do that photobooth picture. I cant wait to hang out again!!!!!!!!

  5. Vanessa! no WE didn't know that! thanks for the info.


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