an art-filled weekend

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by Market Day on Saturday. Unfortunately, all of the cowls and neck warmers are gone! (Who would have thought?!)

If you're in Des Moines, now you can find my hand-knits at Ephemera stationery studio in the East Village! I'm so so so excited about this. Arin and Karen are just the most lovely, awesome ladies ever. And they make the most amazing cupcakes. Stop out to see them soon – they carry lots of local handmade goods (from my pals Urban Posture and Handmade Pretties + more) plus gorgeous stationery, letterpress and all kinds of drool-worthy paper products. They've been my go-to for paper lovelies for a couple of years now.

But if you live out of state and want a cowl or neck warmer, no worries! I have listed hand-knits that you can order ahead in my etsy shop and I will add a few more each time I have a few extra on hand. So keep checking there as well.

Aside from the fun of Market Day, we had a 100% art-filled weekend. We started it off by visiting M. Shawn Crahan's art show downtown at the Kirkwood.

M. Shawn Crahan is better known as 'Clown' of Slipknot. In case you're not a metal head. :)

We got to meet him and talk about his art and photography, his book, Dirty Little Rabbits, and an upcoming Halloween Slipknot show in Vegas.

One of our favorite Des Moines artists, Frank Hanson, also showed several paintings.

Lotus was a great sport and was happy to take home a birthday balloon. If we'd planned ahead and lined up a babysitter, Bo and I would have hung out for the crazy lineup of live music that went on until midnight. Mike Pfaff and Jeff Karnowski from Dirty Little Rabbits played while we were there, followed by Sid Wilson (from Slipknot) performing with Sound Proof Coalition and then we heard that Corey Taylor (also from Slipknot) stopped by and did an acoustic set. (Man!)

Next, we went to the opening of the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden in Western Gateway Park.

The park includes world-renowned sculptures by artists Willem de Kooning, Louise Bourgeouis, Richard Serra, Judith Shea, Martin Puryear, Deborah Butterfield, Ellsworth Kelly, Juame Plensa, Mark di Suvero, Joel Shapiro, Tony Smith, William Tucker and more.

We took these pics last year standing inside El Alma del Ebro but it was too packed at the opening this weekend to take a new one.

We'll have to stop out there again soon to do an update. (Though it's fun looking back at these photos of little Lo from last summer.)

Our favorite group of super talented kids, the Isiserettes, performed at the opening.

They're a local drum and drill corp and we always look forward to seeing them at Des Moines events.

We've been lucky enough to have seen the progress of the building of this park over the past year. But it was definitely awe-inspiring to see everything in its place on Saturday.

T8, Mark di Suvero.

Spider, Louise Bourgeois.

Lotus' favorite, Thinker on a Rock, Barry Flanagan.

And this one, which I don't know the title of (there's another little guy that goes with him.)

The art is surrounded by an infrastructure of these curved walls and lots of green grassy areas.

It's just a beautiful space. Our city is so incredibly lucky to have this installment.

This is one of a pair (the other is white) called 'Back of a Snowman' by Gary Hume. They are enamel on bronze and have a reflective surface.

Lo was in love with these. We couldn't tear her away. But eventually we had to.

And unfortunately, our outing ended a little bit like this. But such is life with a two-year-old who isn't ready to say goodbye to the snowmen. :)


  1. LOL THAT IS HILARIOUS!! and i soo know what you mean. Hayden (my nephew) is 4, but I swear the terrible twos last for TWO years! lol
    And Lo is giving Shawn a weird look, like.."what is that on your chin?" ahahaha
    Awesome pics! that sucks that you couldn't stick around for some amazing accoustic sessions. Oh well, maybe next time.

  2. Oh and congrats on selling all of your knit-goodies!

  3. congrats girl on a successful and fun weekend! :)

  4. temper tantrums might even look cute with chucks on. :)

  5. Love your large cowls! I think I'm going put it on my list for Santa! :)

  6. so first of all...i want to move to des moines and go to live shows with you . acoustic corey taylor? OMG. really.

    2nd. I can't tell you how many times I've had to drag Ayla out of places kicking and screaming. I seriously hate that part.

    3rd. congrats on all your neck warmers and cowls, that's awesome!

  7. dude. i KNEW you'd sell out. you are such a rock star. congrats and super fun pictures from the park!

  8. i am in LOVE with your awesome knits. sadly i live in the part of the country where there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for that kinda garment :( (aka florida) otherwise i'd be fighting for my own dreamy little cowl.

  9. Love your arty weekend.

    The last image is pretty funny, even though its not funny when it is happening.

    I am going to have to get my a cowl, I liked that mushroom colored one.


  10. Lo is the bestest!!! what a cool park!! And congrats on selling out-knew you would! Sounds like an awesome weekend-cool bands, art market, fresh air!!!

  11. I have the same photos in the Alma del Ebro, this is originally in my city Zaragoza in Spain, they made it for the Explo 2008..
    Cool cool statues!


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