almost ready...

Market Day is tomorrow! Here are a bunch of the cowls I'll be bringing. There are more neck warmers that I just didn't have time to take photos of, and I'm sure I'll be knitting late tonight! I've been knitting my face off all month, trying to make enough to provide a good selection. Come out to say hi and to check out all of the local handmade, art and vintage items. We'll be at 118 SE 4th Street in the East Village (next to the Garden) from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Here are some fabric-covered patchwork note cards that will be up for sale, too. They make great thank you cards and gift cards. (It never fails – I always start a few last-minute random projects like this, which keeps me up late the last two or three nights before Market Day or Craft Saturday! This must be craft ADD. Why do I do that to myself – ha!) It doesn't seem like there would be much work involved, but there are little signs to make and I like to tag everything. There are lots of little things to remember to do, but the prep work is always fun.

Lucky for me, I have a little crafty helper. The t-shirt she's wearing is my favorite score from Renegade. It says 'my crafty shirt' ... pretty much the cutest thing ever. If you like it too, you can find this tee and more at Craftster. (I had to get the 'knitting is knotty' one for myself.)

Hope to see you at Market Day tomorrow! Be sure to say hi if you stop by.


  1. that little tee is sooo cute! best of luck at the event!!

  2. i hope you have a succesful day! xo

  3. awesome photos and projects! good luck this weekend!

  4. Oops! My friend was signed into her account!

    Please don't sell them all! I want one like the one you're wearing in the last picture!

  5. Those cowls are adorable. Good luck to you. Wish it wasn't only cold here like 2 weeks a year I'd totally want one!

  6. ag! Lo is so super cute in that shirt!! And have a great day manana!!! Give me a call if you're free next week-k?

  7. How was Market Day??? Will there be Cowls in your shop??? I have my eye on them missy.

    I love how Lotus looks in that shirt, so adorable.

    Well I hope you had a great weekend. Wish I could have came:( One day:)


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