mama's fallen angel

Dare #146 is up! And it may be slightly incriminating. This week we're daring you to scrap something bad you did as a kid. Maybe something you've never fessed up to until now. Something you never told your parents. Go ahead and get it down on paper so that someday your kids can hold it against you. (Or so you can prove to them that you are human.)

By the way, am I the only one who cringes when they see photos of themselves from the 90s?
Yikes. The photo above is high school me. And the other one is a photo I took a zillion years ago at a Metallica show.

Go peek at the other girls' secrets and confessions here. Then play along, link up your page or post it to The Dares Flickr group. We wanna know your secrets, too.


  1. I wish I had done that too! I've missed out on so many great shows because I obeyed my parents.

  2. looove that layout.what else is new though? ha! . . .

    how weird is this. my word verification word for this comment is "confe" . spooky!

  3. I find that hard to'll have to show me in a couple weeks what you mean...
    love this layout...and you!!!(naughty, naughty...)


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