We love skate park days. And Bo hasn't had his fill yet this summer.

Our nieces and nephew are in town for a visit from the Chi-town area and they brought their boards, so it was the perfect time to give it a go.

Lotus got her turn, too.

Such good summer times. And I just love watching Bo skate. It's one of my favorite things ever.

Totally unrelated, Dare 144 is up. Where do you hang out?


  1. That white skateboard is gorgeous.

  2. i totally get that - i love watching joe in his element too (i think, i'm not sure he has one..he he). and lo in a skirt! cute, cute! hugs!

  3. awww...i miss the skate parks. those were the days...
    love that layout, too!

  4. Your husband is a jack of all trades, love it!!!

    And I love Lotus on the skate board, way to cute:)

    Never know, maybe she will go pro!

  5. i may be 27, but the sounds of skateboard wheels on pavement still makes my head whip around and my heart flutter!

  6. Speaking of being bad ass. Guess what? Slipknot decided to come into the vicinity of portland! Now just to get tickets... and a ride up there... its about 4 hrs away!! UGH.

    Love the skateboarding!!


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