market day

Once again, we had a fantastic Market Day.

I had a little visitor stop by to visit. These two helped out for a bit while I ran to a one-day-only yarn sale. (Priorities!) I was very happy for the help.

Thanks so all who came out to see us. We had a steady crowd all day, despite the heat.

Enjoyed seeing some of the local crafters that I've met over the past year or two.

And loved browsing through all of the art.

And yarn. I buy all my handspun from Mary (MaraJane) and she brought lots of awesome skeins to drool over.

I picked up these two along with the awesome little gocco-printed yarn notebook. I can't wait to start some new projects.

And I picked out a small painting by Bekah Ash.

And traded one of my paintings for 'Mail Girl' above by Cat Rocketship. I've had my eye on this one (it's painted on glass) for a long time. So it's kind of special.

All of the baby shoes are spoken for, but if you'd still like a pair, you can find some here. I will do a few custom orders (but then I may take a break – my fingers are kind of sore!)

I was thrilled to give six paintings new homes during Market Day. (I didn't expect to sell any!)

So that means there are still nine available. You can find the rest here. If you missed out on something you liked, let me know and I can paint another one for you. More to come...


  1. Oh goodness I LOVE that yarn. I'm a total yarn whore. :)

  2. Girl, that is sooo awesome! I am so glad that market went super for you!
    Love the new beauties you brought home too! :D

  3. Looks like a great event! How great is that yarn?! :)

  4. yo. email me.
    i've gots an idear.

  5. Looks like a fun day. I love that second painting you got. Very cool in deed:) I am gonna have to get together some money to get that old school batmanish painting from you. Its great!!!

  6. you, my darling friend, are amazing. the end.

  7. wow, i've always wanted to be apart of something like that. congrats on selling your new paintings, they are sooo cool. i'm trying to figure out how to get backgrounds like that, it's so rad.

  8. wow, what a cool day! wish i could have gone. i'm shopping on etsy this week and already have apair of booties in my cart!

  9. you've been so busy!!! you are so cute i can't even stand it! xo

  10. Yeah! Love hearing about Market Day! Miss it, though. Take the show on the road and head south!

  11. our paintings = awesome.
    ps. i sent you a pm at sis. go check it out. :)

  12. i meant YOUR paintings, not our paintings lol.

  13. aaah. i love that mail girl painting. sooo lovely.

  14. i'm sooo jealous! i want to play airfair!

    also some serious vespalove on that other post of yours. yummm.
    there have been so many scooters out this weekend. the weather is smiling for a little bit here.

    by the way- i love those crazy graphic paintings of yours. they rock!

  15. oooh I had my eye on mailgirl too!!

    great post!

  16. hey the batman paintings...SO cool....where can i get one of me own...?..


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