an unveiling of sorts.

Okay, so I've been painting. Yes, painting.

Painting, drawing, painting. More painting. Drawing. Varnishing. And so on.

This is kind of what happens when a graphic designer paints. Graphic paintings. (Don't get me wrong – fine art is my first love and if I could make a living on that alone, I would.)

There is just something within that makes me want to make things that look like this. Outlines. Hard edges, and such. But I do love to paint. It sure is a nice break from the computer.

These paintings are based on a free dingbat font from Chank, a Minneapolis-based type house. A font called Crap*Magnet, by Mr. Walters. It was Bo's idea, actually. I asked Chank for permission before I started, and they told me to go for it.

I'm bringing this group of fifteen paintings with me to Market Day this Saturday, if you're interested in one or want to see them in person. (You can click the image above to see them up close.) After Market Day, I'll be listing any leftovers in my Etsy shop. And if you need more messy paint goodness, check out the latest Dare. All the girls did some crazy paint stuff this week! Another favorite person of mine did a little video of herself painting and it's just so cool to watch – check out Elsie doing her thing here.

Which brings me back to Market Day. If you're heading downtown to the Des Moines farmers' market this weekend, you should definitely stop by and see us.
WHEN: 9 a.m.-2 p.m. the last Saturday of every month from May through September, with additional dates in October and November.
WHERE: The Market Building, 118 S.E. Fourth St.
INFO: Market Street Media Foundry

I'm bringing the paintings, the birthday t-shirts and knitted baby shoes.

But this time, I have a pretty sweet deal for you.
** For every pair of my baby shoes that you purchase, I will donate a pair to charity.
Just like TOMS; one for one. On a much, much smaller scale. :)

I will be donating some baby shoes locally to Blank Children's Hospital.

And more baby shoes will go to Craft Hope, which combines a love for crafting + the desire to help others into a project to make a difference around the world. (Below are a couple of photos of a recent Craft Hope project that brought handmade dolls to orphans in Nicaragua.)

Pretty amazing, huh. So be sure to come out and visit Market Day this Saturday if you're in the area. If you're not from Des Moines and still want to help, I will list any leftover baby shoes from the craft show in my Etsy shop by Monday. (I will make as many as I can!)


  1. You're awesome, Jen! Seriously amazing. Love the paintings. Love that you're donating booties.

  2. Hi sweetcheeks!!! I love your paintings!! They are so unique and wicked cool. I love the grungy paint look on them with the bada@@ images. So very cool!! That is awesome about donating the baby shoes. They are too cute!
    Good luck at the market this weekend! YOu are so talented, I am sure you will sell out!
    I have been working on my SIS mini. And it is sooo much fun! You know? ONe of those projects that you want to make last a long time! lol
    And OUR page is killa! :P

  3. I have been a follower of your blog for some time now but I don’t think I have ever left a comment. I LOVE your current promo, like TOMS, the one for one. Please update us if you have anything leftover in your Etsy shop. You are an inspiration. So real. I am glad you waited on your lotus tattoo, I wish I had waited on a few of mine. BTW - my little boy has the same set of drums as you got Lo a while back and I couldn’t be happier with that sweet noise!

  4. hey! jen renee!
    love love love the paintings...they are groovy cool...and you know what's also groovy cool? you, and your precious baby shoes and the kids that will get to wear them. yay. xo

  5. The paintings are awesome! My favorite is the dodo on the skateboard :)

  6. these are totally cute jen! i am in love with the super sandwich from the tags, omg! good luck hope you sell out, you are a stellar graphic designer and xo! have a great weekend!

  7. Jen jen!!! I love those paintings. I especially love the super hero batman type one. IF You dont sell it, I must buy it from you for my Boyfriend. He would love it!!!!!!!! Or I might have pay you to make me one:)

    You are such an awesome individual Jen. So sweet of you to donate booties!!

    Have a great weekend and good luck:)

  8. dude.
    that shit is A-mazing!!

  9. is that amazing building a children's hospital??? wowee wow so cool. thanks for all your awesome inspo, love to see what you are up too any day of the week.

  10. and you paint????oh, my super talented friend!!! paintme something for my bare walls, pleeeeeease!
    and I getting my is in law a pair of pink or purple booties bc she just found out she's having a girl. that's such a great thing you are doing with donating a pair with each pair sold-so awesome!
    how did craft market go?

  11. Love your paintings! And Im still loving those baby shoes! I think they would make a sweet mobile hanging in a room!


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