summer love

Lotus and I have been picking peonies from our yard to bring into the house. We like to 'save' the ones that are bending too close to the ground.

And I'm declaring almost every day this summer 'ponytail day.'

As long as she lets me actually do her hair. Because sometimes it just makes her mad.

But ponytails are just so cute. They make her look so much older!

I got one of these insulated-looks-disposable-but-it's-not Starbucks cups and it makes me happy every day. It keeps my drink cold for hours, too. Favorite thing numero uno.

Well, except for this. Bo got me my first Moop bag for my birthday. I have been eyeing these bags ever since Jamaica blogged about them awhile back. I had to email her to tell her I finally 'Mooped.'

It's The Messenger in gunmetal. I can tell I'm going to be carrying this one for a long time. The shoulder strap adjusts so I can wear it cross-body. Which is very good. It's waterproof inside. It has tons of pockets and straps that aren't a pain to quickly un-do. And all of L's gear (pluse mine) fits perfectly in it. Score!

Erin and I survived our first Market Day last weekend. We had a super great turnout, perfect weather, and the most awesome cupcakes I've ever had in my life.

One of the girls who helped with the craft show made 100 cupcakes for our shoppers and the best, hands down, were the pink lemonade cupcakes.

I sold all but one pair of booties, which was exciting. Sorry, it was kinda dark in there so these pics aren't great.

Met Nathan and Lizzy (not pictured) of Theophilus and of course, hung out with Erin. Good people made the day even better.

And it was my turn to post at Work Your Soul, but I threw out my back/hurt my neck and was on ice for a few days, so my favorite girl Kim filled in for me in my time of need with some gorgeous collage inspo. Love that girl; Kim, I really owe you one!

Here's her lovely work. Go see more here. And I'll try again in two weeks.

New Dare is up – check it out here. I actually worked ahead on this one, so I was ready.

And even though my neck is still pretty sore, this makes me feel better. Bo scored tickets to see Rancid and Rise Against. So the non-stop Rancid playlist is in effect until then. They're absolutely one of our very favorite bands ever. Their new album is fantastic, by the way – the extended version includes acoustic sets that are so incredibly cool. So get the extended version – it's worth it. Highly recommended.


  1. your baby is so cute! i could just smush her with kisses and her little face! :)

    but i won't ;)

    ps great bag

  2. three things:
    1- lotus is adorable.
    b- those peonies are gorgeous. we had two peony plants at our old house but no more. they're pretty much my fave flower.
    finally - how is your jacket coming? i'm excited to see it.


  3. I am so sorry to hear about your back. you had better get well before SIS! lol
    Awesome about the tickets and that bag is killer!
    Yes, low ponytails are sooo cool! That is all I do everyday at work. haha
    Loving the flowers...they are gorgeous!

  4. so happy you had a successful show! love your peonies and lo's hair looks so so cute, she is so adorable! :)

  5. Lo is a doll! Love her ponytail! Great pics as always, and sorry to hear about your back. Take care!!

  6. Hiya chica.

    Dont ya just love that insulated coffee cup from Starbucks? I saw it as soon as they put it in the shelves and I was all over it. For some reason it makes my coffee at home taste much better iced:)

    I love those Moop bags, but have yet to get one. I constantly ruin my bags, so stick to the cheap fall apart ones.

    Only 3 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. love peonies (and rananculus)remind me of my Granny.
    Gotta get me a pair of those knitted booties!

  8. I want that bag.

    I'm going to go google that bag now.


  9. Wow!!! Those peonies made me think of a special someone.LOL!!! Anyway, Lotus looks so cute in her ponytail hair. Have a wonderful day!!!


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