market day!

Hey local kids ... if you're thinking of hitting up the Farmers Market this weekend, be sure to stop by the first-ever Market Day indie arts and crafts show this Saturday. Market Day is a casual, monthly bazaar for art, vintage, found items and handmade goods.

I'll be there with my usual goods ... some hand-knit items and screen printed kids' t-shirts. Market Day is located in the 120 year old Market Building at 118 SE 4th Street. Hours are 9am-2pm. Click here for map. See you there! (Also, yes – I'm back and I survived Vegas ... more to come on that.)


  1. Those booties are just stinking cute Jen!

  2. Totally going to try and make it to this. (How to sneak out of house when husband isn't looking?) The booties are way way cute. Nice pic in the Register!


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