how do you get there?

It's Friday! Dare 137 is up and I think we all loved this topic: the commute. I spent quite a few years (and three jobs) trekking downtown in my pre-baby years. Which is a big contrast from my current stay-at-home/work-at-home gig. I wrote a little bit about both here. Two completely different parts of my life; both very cool.

Lucky for me, my non-commuter job lets me take lots of photos. This is what I call the Chroni-what-cles of Dressing Up. (Also known as Lazy Weekday.) A favorite activity in our house. My jewelry drawer is usually the first stop. Lo is really into the headbands (she layers them.)

Then there's the doctor kit, which includes these little plastic bandaids and a cast that fits over her arm, so she naturally calls them bracelets. And begs to wear them to the store.

So yes, all of these ensembles are her idea. This particular one was a hit for a couple of weeks and I could never find my shoes. She was also obsessed with wearing her bike helmet all of the time (and again, begged to wear it everywhere) and eventually we had to hide it. This concludes the Chroni-what-cles of Dressing Up. I'm certain there will be another part to this series soon. Happy weekend to you! (And thanks for the comments on my last post... maybe I'll do another vid-blog this summer. When my neighbors are not outside.)


  1. I missed the vid post, I'll hve to go check it out...
    I love the outfits my girls pick out, cracks me up. And lazy weekdays are the bestest!!!

  2. andy samburg shorts are my favorite :]

  3. ooh, I recognize the cover from good on your commute layout--coolio!!


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