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Friday means time for a new Dare. I am in love what the other girls did with this one. Up today – Style: your signature thing ... a piece of jewelery/shirt/shoes/bag that completes you. Everyone has something and I bet a lot of people share mine. I started wearing Converse in high school. The days of metal (and okay, Nirvana and Pearl Jam.) All because of three boys named Blaine, Brian and Mark; one played drums and the other two played guitar. They introduced me to the best shoe in the world and I've worn them ever since. I still have my very first pair of (now) faded black hi-tops from high school that I drew all over (and I think there are stickers on them, too.) I even wore a blue pair of light blue All-Star lo-tops (and Bo wore black Vans old skools) for our wedding. For a very very long time, I have either worn Chucks or Vans (a very close second) every single day of my life.

Listening to this today...

If you haven't already, you can download the free NIN/JA EP here.

I sooo wish we were able to catch them on tour this summer, but it is just not going to work out. I'll be in Vegas during the Kansas City show, and the show in Chicago will only have NIN and not Jane's; we just saw NIN by themselves not long ago so it has to be both. Then they're playing Bonnaroo in TN like a week or two before I go to Nashville in June. Dang. I keep trying to win tickets on Twitter anyway. :)


  1. I seriously LOVE this page of yours! :) It's so fun and pleasing to the eye! :)

  2. vans sk8 hi's are the shoe of choice at my house. in every color of the rainbow!

  3. Totally go for a pair of Vans this summer, probably a pair of lace ups though because I look kind of funny in the slip ons. We will see. I am in dire need of new summer shoes, BUT ANYWAY!!!

    Great layout Jen:)

    There is enough time for all the concerts I would like to see, its a bummer.

    But there will always be more.

  4. Love the page! I love shoes!! JA and NIN play this weekend here. You coulda made that show!

  5. wicked cool layout, love!
    And I didn't know those two bands were creating something together.
    Gonna check it out this weekend!

  6. i just got saadiq his first pair of vans like a month ago, he loves them!
    love your title, missy is awesome, wish she would come out with a new album. have a great weekend! :)

  7. i love that page love me some vans.


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