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It's Friday and a new Dare is up. What would you do if you won the lottery? At first this topic had me thinking about LOST (which happens any time I hear about airplanes or time travel or ... the lottery.) Anyway, I knew what my top three things would be and then I asked Bo what his were and surprisingly (or not) they were the same. We'd build the modern/pre-fab/green house of our dreams. Maybe in California. And travel all around the world. And help kids. In some way. And having these ideas is all just fine, I know, but the trick is finding little things you can do to help someone in the meantime. You know, until you win the lotto.

So I know you've heard about the 'one for one' concept of TOMS shoes. (If you haven't, check the video above.)

But here's something new ... TOMS and Element skateboards have collaborated to help kids in South Africa in a new way that goes beyond shoes. You can check it out here. So why all the 'do-gooder' stuff today? Because it's incredibly easy to get caught up in life, things and yourself. I do it every day. And maybe you don't have money to spend and you've got bills to pay. But maybe you can still find some way to help someone else, to give your time, teach a skill, or donate something that you have. Or buy a pair of shoes so that someone else can have a pair, too. (PS ... to get free shipping @ TOMS + 15% off, use this coupon code at checkout – TOMSShoes09)


  1. ah, I'll have to come play along!
    And you know I like the skater pic and Toms-Elements shoe thing-very cool!

  2. Wow, babe! That layout is killer cool and amazing! Very inspiring!

  3. loves it and love how the dare made you think of LOST, swoon...
    xo babe!

  4. wow, i LOVE this challenge and your design and i especially love your choices if you won the lottery. you have such a lovely heart. i think i would be right there with you, going + serving!

    (posting this on my tumblr, hope that is ok!)

  5. Well gosh so much i would do lol! Very cool and i must agree it is easy to get caught up in our own mess. I always tell myself someone out there has it worse and no matter what everyone should remember that and help in anyway they can.

  6. Wish more people had dreams like you, way to be!
    Daisy www.keenskateboards.com


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