our family is addicted to the BEST kids' show on earth


  1. That makes you one cool family:)

    The 9 month old I watch, LOVES it so much. Her mom thought it was so funny how interested she is in this one particular show. I mean this started when she was like 4 months old, lol. It must be all of the colors of course. Its one of the few kid shows that I enjoy as well!

  2. my family, too! Ivy keeps saying..."Jack, where's Jack?" and then breaking out in the "Goodbye" song!

  3. This episode was the best one yet!

  4. yup. we are hooked too. my daughter taylor is a dancy dance queen. it ME who can't get the "goodbye" song out of my head!

    we actually found yer blog looking at your ygg bday invite you did for your lil babe! She is presh by the way!

    keep up the amazing design work. we are big fans!


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