earth day loves

I'm totally stealing this linky from Elise but I have not seen cooler+cuter+super affordable earth-happy shopping bags. I love the zillions of color choices, too. Baggu bags.

Totally inspired to attempt to make a recycled magazine dollhouse for Lo.

How about some upcycled luggage?

Or upcycled rag yarn?

Or soda can Hello Kitty magnets? Okay, I'm getting a little crazy here, but happy earth day to you. (Now get off the computer and go enjoy it.)


  1. hey there, lovin' the good earth day vibes! My girls would love to try making the recycled dollhouse! Fun!

  2. omg. best bags ever, no? love all the colors!

    happy earth day!!

  3. umm that ikea dollhouse is lovely. and those dolls are lucky because quite often i would give anything to live in those ikea catalogue rooms.

  4. I have a hundred comments, but that would just "out" me for the crazy old bat I am. I love your blog! I come by and then I forget, but now it's on my Reader (which I've all but abandoned for the insta-grat of Twitter). I think you have the coolest three-column Blogger blog I've seen. I am swooning over your Green Day picks - they're all so new to me. I got a bottlecap necklace for my BD and that's the first I've seen of this new process. I never saw HK. I love the dollhouse! I need that as a diorama on my desk - something else to distract me from job hunting. See? Anyway, I will see you and your cohort on Sat. I'm so excited. Am going (I hope) to the Eden thing at 9 and then to the show! (my word verif. to post this was puboatc - weird and kinda dirty/gross)

  5. Fantastic Blog..Thank you for sharing !


  6. Fun stuff. I love the hello Kitty magnets.

  7. OOh, those magnet are cool.


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