craft saturday

Craft Saturday. It's almost here! (and I'm almost ready...) It's this Saturday, noon to six! Come on out to support you local indie craft scene. And enjoy some coffee next door at Java Joes. It's pretty much the perfect way to spend your Saturday.

I'll be bringing birthday t-shirts for the kiddos.

And some hand-knit goodies for the babes. (They just look like candy, don't they!?) I've had a blast making several pairs of tiny baby shoes...

... and these sweet little bibs. (All of the baby stuff is 100% cotton.)

I'll also be selling a few of these hand-knit cotton spring scarves.

They look super cute with a dress or t-shirt or tank top.

And the necklaces. (Because, jeez, I just can't make up my mind and pick one thing to work on.)

These are silk wrap charm necklaces that are just right for summer.

And look cool with anything from a white t-shirt to a sun dress.

I've got lots of super bright colors... they look great wrapped around your wrist like a bracelet, too. Hope to see you this weekend – stop by and say hi!

ps... everything I don't sell this weekend goes right back up on Etsy, so if you don't live in the area but see something you like, check back next week!


  1. hey thema,
    i spy my necklace-love it as a bracelett! i gotta get a pair of those booties for my sis-in-law. once she finds out the sex of her baby, you'll have to make me a pair, k?

  2. oh, goodness--i wish i lived close enough to attend! it's probably better this way, though as i am trying not to spend money these days. all of those cute items would be hard to resist!

  3. I love your shirts, they are so cute! And those booties are adorable! I love how bright they are.

  4. if you don't sell that olive scarf, i'll buy it! oh and i hope lotus is feeling better! i have my ups and downs and right now is an up. have fun this weekend!

  5. Love those baby booties! Hope it was a success!

  6. Did you sell all your booties? Are you going to add them to Etsy?!? So bummed my adventure to Craft Saturday was cut short by someone ramming us. Boo.

  7. girl you rock just plain and simple!


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