Lotus and I visited the Easter bunny. At the mall. Isn't it weird that you visit Santa and the Easter bunny at a mall? I think it's absurd. I hope she never asks me to explain why they're at the mall. Anyway, there were the expected tears, but it wasn't all bad because when it was over, Lo kept talking about how she sat with the Bunny and seemed quite proud. And I think every time I look at this picture in the future, I will have to laugh about the flip flops that she's wearing. We had a huge struggle getting her dressed and it was too chilly for flip flops, but they were the only way we were getting out of the house. I can't believe we're already at such a high level of wardrobe negotiation. But we're there. We're so there.

Bo scored a sweet used drum set yesterday and Lo wasted no time breaking it in.

She was quite good right away. And we're okay with the loud banging, I promise. Bo and I play guitar so we're pushing her towards percussion for our own selfish reasons. ('You'll play in the family band and you'll like it!')

We had a little arts and crafts fun together and painted some pink bunnies to give to the grandparents this weekend. (These squeeze paints rule.) Lo painted a nice bright blue streak in her hair and I was tempted to not wash it out right away to see what would happen. But I caved. And it washed out.

And we are the proud parents of a big girl who sleeps in her big girl bed. Every night. I think she's been out of the crib for almost a week now. You may remember our first attempt a couple of months ago but this one went much better. And she's just as proud as we are. Though we're still getting used to hearing her wake up (sometimes really early) and pitter patter around the house for a little bit before coming to find us or climbing back into her bed.

I'm getting some things ready for Craft Saturday in a couple of weeks. I'm bringing the usual kids' birthday t-shirts, along with some new knitted things. Like the black cotton spring scarf above. Which I kind of want to keep for myself. Craft Saturday always sneaks up on me so I'm trying to get things finished up. No matter what, it's always so much fun and a great chance to hang out all day (and drink Java Joes coffee) with Erin. Can't complain!


  1. Wow! Toddler bed! The thought hadn't even crossed my mind yet with Tommy. Good for your girl! She's such a cutie.

    We swore off the easter bunny and santa long ago. It was always so traumatizing with my older son that we all decided it was okay to skip it. Now, I have no reason to go to the mall at all. (darn!)

  2. that easter bunny shot is so in my future...we're going saturday. i know ayla will be the same exact way. :)
    as for shoes....i tried to get ayla to wear the cutest red flowered Gap would have though I was trying to pour acid on her toes. i feel your pain.
    and where in the world did you find those paints? we need some.

  3. is that the coolest toddler bed or what???? I remember those days all too well (babies and cribs, I mean) and love that my big girls are good sleepers now.
    Good luck with the craft saturady, not that you need much of it-your stuff rocks!
    Oh, and the EB pic-priceless!!!

  4. way to go Lo!!!

    love that scarf : )

  5. ummm..I have one of those Easter bunny pics of Reese!! LOL! I do however love l's fashion statement!!! I had the same battle with some yellow spring croc looking shoes with my Cams! Kids!! LOL!

  6. That Easter Bunny photo cracks me up. I have several photos that look eerily similar. :)

    Love the scarf! I can't wait until I am able to knit like that. My current project (about 4 rows of knit & purl) could fit an earthworm. LOL.

  7. i've never even thought about the whole mall aspect of visiting santa and the easter bunny, that is weird! if you figure out be sure to let us know!

  8. you WILL play in the family band!! hahaha
    You look hot, babe! :P

  9. She is going to be a great drummer. I can see the talent already! And I loled at the family band comment. love it!


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